Why Nature’s?

Nature’s by Woodgrain Millwork offers environmentally friendly and cost effective products for both your animals and home. All products are created from the materials of saw dust, fine shavings and trim materials used in the manufacturing process of our millwork products. Through an integrated supply chain with our domestic mills and the use of our own materials, our customers receive security of supply and quality products. Our facilities are strategically located throughout the country offering our customers multiple options to obtain product with shorter lead-times and flexible delivery options.

Available Products

  • Equine

    Premium pine bedding - Shavings, Mini-Flakes and Pellets Learn More >
  • Pets

    100% natural pine scent and highly absorbent without any chemical additives Learn
    More >
  • Fuel

    Nature's Fuel is the most environmentally friendly and cleanest pellet available Learn
    More >

Advantages of Nature’s

  • Highest Quality Pine
  • All Natural-No Additives
  • Environmentally Friendly

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